Is it Monday or Friday?

Iceman says, “Happy Friday Dave!”

Dave says, “Happy Friday Iceman. Wait, it’s Monday?”

Iceman says, “No, it’s Friday, cause I’m off tomorrow. lol”.

Dave shrugs his shoulders and grins.

It’s not the same on a blog post, but you know how it goes down ;-) I hope you get well soon and come back to work a new man, but with the same GREAT sense of humor. Otherwise, Fridays/Mondays will never be the same.

- Michael (Iceman)

From your friend Neil

Hello Dave

This was very disappointing to hear.  I wish you the most comfort possible in this difficult time.  You are in good hands and I expect that you’ll be OK, based on what I have been told.  We are worried about you and hope that everyone is treating you well.


From yours truly,


Way to go, Dave!

I found the sentiment beautiful, but not entirely unexpected from the Stonecutters’ Poet Laureate. Feel better, Dave, and thank you for the kindness, empathy, and thoughtful, philosophical discussions you bring to us.


Hey, Dave!  I hope that taking some time off has you feeling better soon.  As you can tell by now, your presence in the office is missed!  While you’re away, we’ll do our best to hold down the fort, and I’ll pay some extra attention to Coco in your absence.

Get well, and we’ll see you soon!  :D

-Jeff P.


Dave, I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you. I love how you are always so helpful and cheery. I can’t wait until you come back to work. Just focus on getting better and everything else will take care of itself. P.S. SWTOR will be waiting for you. :-D


Jeff Uberstine