Our Dear Friend Dave Atkins

Recently, our dear friend Dave found himself having to take some time off work for health reasons. To show him how much we love and miss him, and to hopefully aid in his speedy recovery, we have created a tribute page for him!

Get well soon Dave! The office is short on punny jokes without you!



11 thoughts on “Our Dear Friend Dave Atkins

  1. Dave! Glad you are alright, get well soon!! There are too many Coke Zeros in the fridge… I am not sure what to do now that they are available :O! Can’t wait to see you back at the office, bringing us cheers and smiles!

  2. Get better soon and take it easy!!!! We all miss you and eagerly await your return to the Job…. WAY TO GO Daaaaaave! (In my Rodney Hobbs voice)

  3. Get well soon dawg! I am very glad you are ok. Get some rest and don’t worry about the coke zero. Scuba is on watch and they won’t be neglected. =)

  4. Your one of a kind humor will be sorely missed sir. Get well and come back as soon as you are ready, but only when the doctor says it is ok.

  5. “Yeah, man, it’s Dave. Open the door!”
    “Yeah, Dave! I think the cops saw me!”
    “Dave’s not here.”
    And thus, because you are not here, I’m greatly missing our witty morning chats and the jokes that only our age categories get. Get well soon, my friend. You are greatly missed around here!

  6. Dave-

    Get well soon. Don’t forget to eat food with extra butter and french fries. In the meanwhile, I’ll do that for you.

  7. Hi Dave,

    Get well soon and relax!!! We want you to come back healthy and strong. :)

    From the Accounting Department

  8. Nooooooooo! Who am I going to bug now that you are not around? Hehe JK! Get well soon bud. Team Stonecutters misses you. Thanks for all your help in answering my questions. Take it easy and I hope your recovery is speedy. =)

    John R

  9. Sorry to hear about your temporary aberration and hope you are back in the office ASAP as I appreciate really good Support guys who can assist a sales person when necessary.

    Get better soon!

    Tony J.

  10. Dave!

    Stop playing sick, and get back here and shoot some nerf darts! :)

    Definitely not the news I wanted to hear, and I’m sure you weren’t exactly toasting Champagne to it either. You know what? Who cares. You kick ass, and will get out of this episode soon enough.

    Keep your chin up, and know we’re here for ya! I mean, it could be worse. You could be clinging onto a giant rock, hurtling through unbreathable space, with every rogue element in the galaxy going after you– Well, never mind that either. That can be saved for another one of our philosophy talks later. Looking forward to it.

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