Just because

… You can’t be in the office doesn’t mean you don’t still love Unicorns.

Am I right?

You are very much missed my friend.  But we are all so relieved that you’re okay and keeping in good spirits.  I know the meds and adrenaline can sometimes make the first few days after a cardiac operation feel like it’s going to be a piece of cake mending up. But we mean it, take all the time you need! We’ll be here thinking of you and the customers aren’t going no-where no-how! Hugs!

- Amanda


System Incident #3001

I was super bummed to hear of this “system incident”.  As with any such outage, we published our reflections via WordPress.  :-P

We’re so happy that things have moved from “severe” to “pretty okay”, and we look forward to the issue being “fully resolved”.  You’re always smiling and always have something nice and/or funny to say.  We’re all rootin’ for you to make a speedy recovery and be back at it in no time.  Having said that, take the time you need to do the “reboot” properly!!!



Dave, get well my friend!

Hey Dave! I really hope you feel real better real soon. I hope they’ve afforded you comfortable accommodations there at the hospital facility. The good news is, while there, you can watch all the daytime talkshows you want, like Jerry, Judge Mathis and even my favorite, Maury! Not bad! Not bad at all sir :) But really, feel better soon <3